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Over 70% of our profits come from selling. Individuals, Busineses and Brands are using and generating massive revenue, Yey!

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Creating your Seller Experiences

Logatix is building Sellers Experiences, other sites are not offering the best for their sellers, so we have invested in that by creating a new business model for Sellers.

No Payment Setup

When you Create your Logatix Seller Account you don't need to setup any payment gateway to accept orders.

No Customer service

We talk to our customers for your orders, refunds, returns, problems or anything related for your Brand or Business.

No Waste Money

Shipping orders and geting chargebacks is money waste but here we pay for your Business or Brand wasted money.

Seller Mobile Apps

We offer you the Seller Mobile Apps for Logatix, Manage orders, payouts and everything from there where you are and where you go.

Some of the features are unavailable on Mobile Apps for a better experience use Logatix Seller from our Website, we are working hard to add those features and on mobile apps.

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How it works ?

Is to easy to get started with online selling with only those steps. A lot of popular businesses and brands already achieved success in selling.

After you've created your Logatix Seller Account, you can list your products on, Logatix for Sellers is available for the countries listed below:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Japan

After your listing is aproved buyers can see your published item at then you also can run ads for your product or campaign.

Product Ads can be run on any advertising platform you've chosen!

After you sold a product and sended out to the buyer your earnings will automatically be added to your wallet for the next payout, we send payouts every week even on holidays.

Advanced Selling Tools

We offer different selling tools for you to sell your products.

Sellers Market

We have built thousands of sellers homes for their brilant online selling ideas.

Safe Shopping

We are creating safe shopping forms for buyer and sellers experiences.

Safe Payments

We are using the latest PCI and SSL technologies for safe payments experiences.

Great Shipping

Advanced shipping method from all worldwide shipping services with very low costs.

We do, you sell!

4,985,223 currently sellers.

At, every seller has a great potential for becoming a successful seller and business owner, we built their dream selling platform on their own selling experiences and make possible everything.

Since 2014 we are focused only on ideas to make online shopping easier and safe so that we are doing for 4 years, building the buyers experiences on their dream shopping site and for sellers their dream selling platform, so now we are quality and do quality everyday.

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Seller Service Ratings

Service Rating from our sellers, see what they voted before getting started.
We had the best Rating from all other sites around the world, check stats below:

Payouts 98%
Website 95%
Support 89%
Quality 93%


Chose your selling plan, plans can be upgraded and undegraded later if you want, even you used Brand Plan or Busines plan, but after the month is end.


  • Few Products Upload
  • List to any Category
  • 2.6% Selling Fee
  • 50 Sales per month
  • No Custom Brand Url
  • Selling Support

Sellers choice


  • Unlimited Products Upload
  • List to any Category
  • 2.0% Selling Fee
  • Unlimited Sales
  • No Custom Brand Url
  • Selling Support


  • Unlimited Products Upload
  • List to any Category
  • 1.8% Selling Fee
  • Unlimited Sales
  • Custom Brand Url
  • Selling Support

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